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Is it safe to be on safari at Lion Camp?

Your safety is of paramount concern to all at Lion Camp. At all times on game viewing activities you will be accompanied by a qualified and experienced guide. All vehicles are fitted with VHF radios and walking guides carry handheld radios, both allowing communication with the camp at all times. In camp it is safe to move around on the raised walkways, however Lion Camp staff are happy to escort you between your room and the main area should you wish. Link to 'indemnity form'. 

Should I take out insurance?

Please ensure you have comprehensive travel insurance for your trip, including medical cover and 'evacuation'. Lion Camp though taking every care to ensure your health & safety will not be held responsible for any loss or delays, injury, illness, death, cancellation of flights, change of itinerary.

Where does the drinking water come from?

All water comes from a borehole in camp. The drinking water is treated and filtered and 100% pure for drinking, but bottled mineral water is available from the bar if you would prefer. We provide water canteens for your convenience during your stay with us.

What medical precautions should I take?

Malaria is present in the Luangwa valley so we recommend you take malaria prophylactics – antimalarials reduce the risk of malaria by at least 90% - please consult your doctor and at the same time check whether you need any additional vaccinations.

What happens if I have a medical emergency?

In the case of a medical emergency, Lion Camp is a paid-up member of a local Medical Scheme which provides an international Doctor based in the nearest village (Mfuwe) who will visit the camp for a standard 'call-out rate' of $200 and will provide in-camp medical assistance. Any medicines required are charged on top. In case of a serious medical emergency requiring hospitalisation, we advise all guests to include 'evacuation' on their insurance.

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