Dear Lion Camp Friends and Industry Partners,’
The Luangwa Valley thrives during the rainy season as good rains ensures lush plains and flowing rivers. This is the lifeline of this most beautiful piece of African bush. Less tourists and time for nature and it’s inhabitants to flourish, have babies and enjoy their “freedom” for a few months.Mother Nature and our planet had different plans for the start of 2020 and have forced us humans into isolation to re-think politics, economics, the social well-being of the human race and to re-evaluate our values and respect of ourselves, others, nature, our businesses and most of all how we are taking care of this fragile universe placed in our care.We are extremely privileged to work and live in this paradise but also saddened on a daily basis to see and experience the abuse of nature and it’s inhabitants, our natural resources and even our human race.We have become so obsessed with financial achievements, development, electronics, social media etc that we have forgotten to appreciate and respect each other, value our loved ones and just observe the beauty of the universe.Once we are out of this isolation we have been forced into, we will enter into a new era and cycle of life with hopefully a new vision for our fragile earth and it’s population.

During this period Lion Camp continues working with our staff, communities, park scouts and conservationists to ensure that our lodge and environment are taken care of, but more importantly that our staff, community and animals are looked after. The area experienced extensive flooding during December which has affected our local communities severely and destroyed most of their crops. We will endeavor to assist our local community and school at Mkasanga, as this is the community our staff is from. We will also be sponsoring teams of scouts that will continue to patrol the park to ensure that we do not experience an increase in poaching while the park is so quiet.

Lion Camp owners and management are committed to the well-being of our staff and their families. While we are in shutdown mode, we will continue to employ all our staff on a roster basis to ensure that our lodge is maintained during this period but also ensure that they have the financial ability to take care of their families and loved ones.

Our Management Team, Reservations and a team of staff is on site, ensuring that we keep up the maintenance of our lodge, complete planned upgrades and be ready for business as soon as all travel restrictions have been lifted.

Dottie, our onsite reservationist is working closely with guests and agents on a daily basis to assist with changed itineraries and ensure that our 2020 season is ready for kickoff from mid-June. Lion Camp is committed to being flexible and ensuring that each and every one of our bookings are handled effectively and that we find solutions for all our guests to ensure that their visit to Lion Camp is secured. .

We will survive this period of isolation and panic and will be ready for yet another amazing season, sharing our wildlife master piece with our guests.

Please enjoy your time with family and loved ones, stay healthy and safe. We look forward to sharing Lion Camp with all our 2020 guests!!

Rainy season view from the suites

Still a lot of water and mud around but the Lion Camp team is hard at work building new roads for the season ahead.

We will also be commencing with the exciting upgrades of our 2 Deluxe suites, making them even more sumptuous and luxurious!! Watch our Facebook page and Instagram for updates as we progress.

Lion Camp is also upgrading it’s Solar Farm and battery bank to ensure an even more efficient electrical facility, supplying 24 hour electricity without the use of generators and thus creating a greener environment.

We are hard at work preparing for this season and guarantee that we will be ready to welcome our guests and ensure a spectacular experience as ever!! Please do not hesitate to contact us on for assistance with bookings for this season. We will also be launching a post-covid special within the next few weeks.

Wishing you all a blessed and healthy month until we chat again.
Warm Lion Camp Regards

Vicky, Wayne and the Lion Camp Team

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