21 December 2017
News December 2017

Refurb UpdateAlthough the rains have arrived and the road into camp is impassable, the refurb team are hard at work. In the main area the new bar is under construction and the new toilets are taking shape.…

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29 November 2017
News November 2017

Refurb Update

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27 October 2017
News October 2017

Refurb Update

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15 September 2017
News September 2017

(by Nathan Pilcher with photos by Meyam Njobvu)

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1 August 2017
News August 2017

Renovation Update: The team in camp have been working hard to get the structures of the new guest rooms in place.

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12 July 2017
Lion Pride Update

The team in camp were thrilled to learn that a Mwamba-Kaingo (M-K) lioness has had 3 new cubs (she gave birth to 4 but 1 died). If you watched the ITV documentary filmed at Lion Camp last year (Lion Country),…

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1 July 2017
News July 2017

The rebuild is now well underway.

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1 June 2017
News June 2017

Renovation Update: With the start of the dry season, the renovations in camp are in full swing

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5 May 2017
New Lion Camp Design

At last we can share our plans for the improvements at Lion Camp. We are staying true to our vision which is to provide exceptional and eco-friendly safaris at a reasonable price point.

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1 February 2017
Lion Country: Night & Day

Watch the first episode of Lion Country this Sunday on ITV - filmed at and around Lion Camp

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5 November 2016
Lions in Camp

Our guests all checked out, but the lions haven't. The Hollywood pride with both cubs, have taken up residence under chalet 1 & 2.

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3 November 2016
Staff Open day

The end of the 2016 season is here.

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25 October 2016
Cubs In Camp

Lion Camp is a very special place, where wild lions choose to come and leave their Cubs for safety.

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19 July 2013
Intimate Bush Wedding

We were privileged to witness the wedding of Kate and Alistair yesterday. It was fabulous to see such a lovely couple tie the knot on the banks of the Luangwa in an intimate sunset ceremony.

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17 December 2012
Buffalo Herd

This morning we saw a huge herd of 1000+ buffalo coming down to drink at the river. It is rare to see a herd of such size in Luangwa.

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