Timeless elegance

"We were a group of eleven and were the first guests from 4 to 6 June. As somebody who leads groups in Malawi and Zambia and who knows quite some places in Africa I can say that I am stunned about the new Lion Camp. If you compare the pictures with those of the old camp you will see the huge differences. While the layout of the camp remained the same - 10 chalets on stilts left and right from the communal area - everything else has changed. The design is now of timeless elegance and of the highest quality yet with very neutral and understated colours."

Big and bright

The chalets are big and bright and have huge open bathrooms and a big terrace. Each chalet is integrated in nature and you won’t see or hear your neighbour. It is unbelievable but true: it’s impossible to have a lunch without at least three different species of animals just meters from your table."

"The attention to detail is absolutely amazing: every tiny piece of equipment is chosen with an absolute sense of taste and obviously with a big budget. From the unbelievable good beds and linen to the cosmetic articles by Charlotte Rhys from Cape Town to the trays, the plates, the lamps, the sofas etc. - there is not one thing that is chosen by chance. 

Unbelievable wilderness

Watching Lions

"We watched lions get ready for the night and they were laying in the "main" road - no car around for the whole game drive, just us and them. There are the two Shenton camps around but you rarely cross. So this unbelievable wilderness is just for you. And that is priceless. Needless to say that our guides Innocent and Makupa were first class. They share all the meals with you and have tons of things to tell."

Very highly recommended

Go here…

So - to cut a long story short: this is heaven, with a lot of unobtrusive style and gourmet food. Worth every dollar. 

Probably the best region to see cats, besides Namiri Plains in Serengeti. 

Go here for three or four nights and skip the rest. Very highly recommended.

All photographs copyright Stefan Schmid

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