The new poles that will form the base for the new rooms and boardwalk have been loaded on trucks and are now enroute to camp. The foundations have been laid so the poles will be put in place as soon as they arrive. These poles were sourced from a sustainably managed plantation in South Africa where they are grown specifically for the building industry. They are not indigenous to South Africa and so are planted and grown for this purpose.

The heart of the camp is being updated too. The roof structures are being opened up to maximise the exceptional views. The swimming pool and bar are undergoing extensive facelifts and the lower deck will be extended in an attempt to immerse you even more in your surroundings.

See below for a time lapse of one of our old rooms being dismantled

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15 September 2017

Wildlife Update

(by Nathan Pilcher with photos by Meyam Njobvu)

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1 August 2017

News August 2017

Renovation Update: The team in camp have been working hard to get the structures of the new guest rooms in place.

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12 July 2017

Lion Pride Update

The team in camp were thrilled to learn that a Mwamba-Kaingo (M-K) lioness has had 3 new cubs (she gave birth to 4 but 1 died). If you watched the ITV documentary filmed at Lion Camp last year (Lion Country),…

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