The team in camp were thrilled to learn that a Mwamba-Kaingo (M-K) lioness has had 3 new cubs (she gave birth to 4 but 1 died). If you watched the ITV documentary filmed at Lion Camp last year (Lion Country), you will know this lioness as Rosa. Last year Rosa had 2 cubs who were given the names Prince and Ziggy in the film. Prince died near the ebony grove and Ziggy has not been seen this season, but Rosa’s new cubs are about 2 months old and have been seen around Hippo Lagoon.

The Hollywood Pride were seen in front of camp earlier this month and while we can’t report anything new on the Hollywoods at this time, we can tell you that 3 new male lions were seen further south at Big Bend. Our guides will be watching to see if there is any interaction between these new males and the Hollywood or M-K prides around Lion Camp.

Although Lion Camp is closed for renovations we have a film crew in camp focusing on leopards. They are seeing plenty of action at Acacia Loop including:

  • The female leopard known as Malaika has a new cub (3 months old). Malaika was seen near her daughter feeding on a puku kill.
  • Wild dogs denning at Hippo Lagoon – the film crew has not seen the pups and is staying away until they are out of the den – we will keep you updated on this exciting development
  • Herds of 25+ Cooksons Wildebeest
  • A hyena with a small pup (also at Hippo Lagoon)
  • A very shy, lone land bull has been seen regularly at Fish Eagle Lagoon.
  • Large numbers of young Yellow-billed stork are being seen. These storks nest in the Nsefu sector during the rains.

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