Renovation Update: The team in camp have been working hard to get the structures of the new guest rooms in place.

As you can see from the photos below, the shape of the rooms has changed to maximise the views and space.

The brick structure at the back of the top photo is one of the new guest room bathrooms and if you look closely you will be able to spot the foundations for the new deck. The positioning of the rooms is also changing to provide more privacy and space.

Everyone from the Lion Camp team is working on the refurbishment. You may have even recognised some of our waiters, spotters, drivers and barmen in the refurb photos we have been including in our newsletters and posting on Facebook.

As well as training our permanent staff in new building skills, all the additional workers hired for the renovations, with the exception of the project manager, live in the communities surrounding the national park (primarily Mkasanga which is the closest community to Lion Camp).

The wildlife are also curious about what is happening at Lion Camp. This elephant is standing on the site of the old boma in the main area.


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