The rains have arrived in Luangwa and thankfully so has our final truckload of building materials. The photo below shows the new rooms and main area, rebuilt with more space between each room.

Until now our refurb updates have focused on the building of the camp. This month, we thought you might like a glimpse of the stunning designs for the new interiors.

We have been longing for the moment that Oscar wheels out his sewing machine to start making the canvas walls for the rooms, and that time is finally here!

Lucky for Oscar, the thatch roof has been completed on most of the rooms – just before the heavy rain arrives – and we are starting to see how our new rooms will look from the inside.

Our pallet of dusky neutrals is evident through all our building materials that have been so carefully selected … even the enormous structural gum poles look amazing when they have been sanded back to reveal a silvery finish that perfectly complements the beautiful Rhino Wood.

The walkway now carves an elegant winding path through the bush, and all the curves we put at the centre of the architectural design are now clear to see in their perfect glory.

We are delighted to be working closely with Nzito, an innovative Zambian furniture design company based in Lusaka, to produce a range of bespoke items for the camp. Nzito have introduced us to a craft group working in Mongu (Western Zambia) to produce exquisite items woven out of plant roots resembling weaver nests … quite a challenge scaling up from egg baskets to light fittings!

Polly Hosp, the design consultant on the project, said: “At this point all we can do is trust that the great ideas and hard work in the planning stage produces the look that we are going for … and hope that we love it of course”.

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