(by Nathan Pilcher with photos by Meyam Njobvu)

The African bush is a tough place to raise cubs and this last month has certainly proved this to be true. Two sets of leopard cubs have been killed by adult males in the last two months, and four lion cubs from the M-K pride have disappeared.

There is good news too: three lion cubs have been spotted in the last two days and there could be more. They are around one month old and from the M-K pride. There has been much excitement among the staff and resident film crew about their appearance.

Both the Hollywood and the M-K prides have been in and around Lion Camp throughout the last two weeks, and without any confrontation between the two prides. There have been large herds of buffalo in the area and the lions have been eating buffalo almost every other day. In fact, as I write this the M-K lions are sleeping in front of camp having pursued a large herd of buffalo. They walked right through the camp kitchen area!

And we have even more good news to report: in the last week 6 wild dog pups have been seen. They are about 3 months old now. Last month the dogs moved their den further away from the river when a large number of lions appeared in the area and have kept mostly out of sight until now.

The Carmine Bee-eaters are also ‘back in town’ We have 3 large Carmine colonies and have spotted a number of fish eagles swooping in to catch them. The elephants around camp are also increasing in number, with a tiny calf being seen regularly near Fish Eagle Lagoon.

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