Environmentally Sustainable

Our Environmental focus

To date this has centred on the rebuilding of Lion Camp; investing in a fantastic sustainable wood product 'Rhinowood' for all our decks and walkways, re-using materials and furniture from the old camp to reduce wastage, new materials such as gumpoles have a 20+ year life and any special wood brought in is FSC accredited. During the refurbishment process we protected the mature trees in camp and kept to a similar footprint, causing minimal damage to vegetation, with the whole camp being raised on stilts. When Lion Camp opens in 2018 solar will be our primary source of power.

In the future we intend to become fully carbon neutral; we have introduced a $5 per night carbon levy to off set our guests stay in camp, and are undergoing an assessment of the carbon footprint for our rebuild.  

Socially Sustainable

Our Social Focus

We support local communities through employment and skills development. Mfuwe has been a burgeoning centre for employment since the creation of the safari industry, as Lion Camp is in the northern part of the park, we endeavour to primarily recruit from Mkasanga, an area with few other employment opportunities. Our two best chefs are going to a top cooking school in South Africa, and our workshop manager has placement training in the USA. Every night spent at Lion Camp sees $10 go to Conservation South Luangwa, Chipembele Wildlife Education Centre and Project Luangwa to support conservation and community projects.

In the future we intend to develop a strong link with a local school in Mkasanga, and deepen our work in education to help produce the future generation of conservationists.

Economically Sustainable

Our Economic Focus

We are always looking for ways to buy local and support local entrepreneurs in supplying good quality products - we could not have rebuilt our lodge without the assistance of many small Mfuwe operations. During the season we source all our fresh vegetables from a local gardener, and our gift shop sells unique, locally produced items we have designed with Zambian craftsmen and women. Our guests are encouraged to visit local outlets on their way to or from the airport to learn more about community initiatives, and buy local crafts to take home.

In the future we intend to continue to do more to support local talent and expand our impact, investment and support to other sustainable individuals and organisations. 

"We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect"
Aldo Leopold
Working in partnership

We see this as a long term focus, we have started the journey and there are many exciting ideas on the horizon that we plan to see through over the coming years.

We would love to hear from any like-minded individuals and organisations who are interested in sharing sustainability stories, suggest useful ideas or discuss opportunities. 

Project Luangwa

A charitable organisation helping local communities improve their long-term economic prospects through education and training.

Project Luangwa

Conservation South Luangwa

CSL has Zambia's first detection dog unit, and runs extensive human wildlife conflict mitigation initiatives and law enforcement programmes.

Conservation South Luangwa

Zambian Carnivore Programme

Researching and mitigating threats to all of the major large carnivore species through monitoring, hands-on de-snaring and education and training.

Zambian Carnivore Programme

Bio Carbon Partners

Working with rural communities to protect Zambia's vital forests and iconic wildlife, in order to preserve the habitat for future generations.

Bio Carbon Partners

Chipembele Wildlife Education Centre

Chipembele runs inspirational programmes teaching children to protect, value and conserve the local wildlife and natural environment.


Pack for a Purpose

Helping you to work out what you could bring that will directly benefit the local community. 

Pack for a Purpose
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