SAFARI Experiences


Lion Camp is based in one of the most exclusive abundant game-viewing areas in Africa and therefore delights with its daily game drives. Game viewing during the dry season is spectacular with lions, leopard, wild dog, large herds of elephant and buffalo, incredible bird viewing, unique Thornicroft’s Giraffe, Cookson’s Wildebeest and the Crawshay’s Zebra.  Never a dull moment on drive at Lion Camp.

The changing seasons are very pronounced with the dry season starting in April and intensifying in October before the rainy season starts in November.

Lion Camp therefore operates during the dry season and offers our seasoned travellers the beauty of the landscape with savannas, large patches of grasslands and the scenic views of the meandering Luangwa River with the highest concentration of hippo in Africa.

Visit the Leadwood forest, large Ebony groves, spectacular Mahogany & Sausage Trees and the amazingly spectacular Baobab forest.

Be your interest birds, wildlife or landscape, Lion Camp is a photographer’s dream.